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Q:           Are Classics cars and trucks a good financial investment?
A:            Yes! Newer cars and trucks depreciate and go down in value every day that you own them… Classics on the other hand, go up in value over time. In fact, if you look at a trend line of the US stock market over the last 20 years, up against the average appreciation of Classics, you’ll see that Classic cars and trucks are a better long term investment then stock!
Q:           What’s a “RestoMod”?
A:            We all love the nostalgia that only the look of old Classic vehicles can deliver. But what we don’t like are the bad brakes, poor steering and all around bad performance that 30-50 year old technology offers. Hence the popularity of RestoMods… A RestoMod is one part cosmetic Restoration, and another part mechanical Modification (think power disc brakes, power steering, upgraded suspension, etc.)
Q:           Where do you locate your inventory?
A:            We primarily buy vehicles from Private Parties located all throughout the West Coast in areas where road salt and rust aren’t an issue
Q:           Do you take trades?
A:            Yes – we take ALL types of trades, not just cars and trucks. This includes Boats, Motorcycles, RV’s, etc.
Q:           Can you locate a specific vehicle for me, or restore my current one?
A:            Yes and Yes - please call or text us for more info on the process. We’re more than happy to custom build or locate your ride to make sure you get every option and color that you’re looking for
Q:           Do you only sell cars and trucks, and are they always Classics?
A:            No, we also sell Motorcycles, ATV’s, Boats, Motorhomes, Trailers and practically anything else with a motor and/or wheels. And although we love Classics, we occasionally stock newer inventory as well
Q:           Can I swing by your Dealership to hang out or look at Inventory
A:            While we’d love to visit with you, we’re not a traditional Dealership that’s open to the public 7 days a week. We work by appointment only. Please call or text us for more info